post·script [an experiment in noise]

by mayfairgrin

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'post·script' is an experimental-noise remix album that was formerly known just as "Aaron Cavanaugh: remixed" back in 2005. I remixed these recordings by the quasi-noise/experimental artist, and as I recall, it was a bit of an undertaking to get a final product that I was somewhat happy with. The source material sounds were interesting, but far too random for my tastes... but I dove into the project and processed the hell out of the sounds (which reminded me somewhat like cats fighting on toy synthesizers). I sampled and resampled, processed and reprocessed. Way back in 1996, I worked part-time on an experimental-noise project called New Dawn Rising (or something to that effect) and this stuff was reminding me of the recordings we did. It was all very off-the-cuff, semi-random, and improvised... totally stream-of-consciousness kind of thing. The last two tracks on this record, "postscript" and "discourse", were not part of the originally provided source material. They were created from audio scraps/byproducts of the remixing process. The bits and pieces fit perfectly into mosaic drone-inspired pieces. The Orthodox sermon at the end was sampled into the mix and I felt it added to the spiritual vibe that Aaron was attempting to convey. Looking back, I'm not sure Aaron liked any of what was done with these remixes and he essentially abandoned interest in the project. Perhaps the resulting sounds are too dark, too dissonant, too industrial-esque?. If nothing else, this record is unique and hopefully lends some little bit of light into an otherwise dark and negative experimental industrial-noise genre.

When this was released through my old label, Mannequin Oddio Media, back in '06, I believe just a handful of people actually bought it... but those that did, really dug it. Even after all these years, I'm still pleased with the end result and wished more people would have heard it when it originally came out. -Andrew (written 04/12)

"an intriguing and spiritually charged album echoing old-school industrial, drone, and experimental-noise. RIYL Einsturzende Neubauten, Psychic TV, Wire, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, etc."


released March 29, 2013

Aaron Cavanaugh - source audio material
mayfairgrin - remixing, sampling, processing, additional programming, synth, drones/noise/sound, photography, cover design




mayfairgrin Portland, Oregon

impressionistic music existing outside of the verse-chorus-verse structures of a three-minute pop song that expand and blur the boundaries between shoegaze, gothic, ambient, folk, and electronica.

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